Like clockwork

It always seems that about this time of year, I get the urge to resume my amateur (extra emphasis on “amateur”) blogging.

Two Januaries ago, I began a new baseball blog, only to have it dry up and wither away within a few months. Then last January, I tried posting there again, even moving to an extra-special fancy domain name. But real life interfered again, and the blog fell away. Again.*

* My first foray into the blog world was at The 26th Man, a baseball blog I started as the 2005 Winter Meetings were heating up. Maybe that’s why I get the urge to write in the dead of winter.**

** Yes, this is a shameless ripoff of the Pozsterisk.

So here we are: another cold, snowy January… another boring, pointless blog. I’m not exactly sure yet what I’ll be posting here. As I mentioned before, I like baseball (both real and fake). Beer also is high on my list of priorities. And music, too. I’m also fond of belittling others to make myself feel better.

If you also enjoy any of that crap, then stick around. I’m sure Bundle of Stuff will quickly become your favorite non-narcotic sleep aid.

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2 Responses to Like clockwork

  1. e says:

    i will try to follow but may peter out as well.

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