Piece of Flare

Here is a picture of Springfield’s Union Station, taken in approximately 1917:

Kidding. It actually was taken in 1923.

Kidding again. The photo really was taken in 2007 and processed just yesterday with Flare, a newish photo editing app.

As someone who has barely any more than no idea about what makes a nice photograph, apps like Flare help me pretend that I’m a growed-up taker of photos. If you have a Mac and like photography, it’s definitely worth the $9.99 sale price. If you have an iPhone and have futzed with photo apps like Camera+, Best Camera or Instagram, then Flare should be fairly intuitive.

The advantage here is that you can manipulate your iPhoto, uh, photos in much the same way you could the photos on your iPhone using the above apps.

Here’s another photo I processed with Flare. It’s from about a decade ago, of my beloved Imperial Thugsta Miles, the Jamaican Black Prince. *thumps chest* *points to sky*

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