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1. Buckhart

I’m going to see how many towns I can go to in 2017.  (this photo is from 2016. šŸ˜¬) Advertisements

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Winter storm

The next time some asshole uses a 6-inch snowfall or a night of below-zero temperatures as “proof” that man-made climate change is a hoax, I’ll remind them of nights like tonight.

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More like “hubris217,” amirite?

If I had the time and the physical ability, I’d ride my bike every day. I have neither, though, so I try to make the most of the opportunities I do have. Wednesday was one such opportunity. Two opportunities, actually: … Continue reading

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‘Cause I’m feelin’ so darn happy

One of the great things about music is that a particular song can remind you of a specific time in your life, sometimes down to the day.Ā One song that does that for me is “Creep” by Stone Temple Pilots. The … Continue reading

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Piece of Flare

Here is a picture of Springfield’s Union Station, taken in approximately 1917: Kidding. It actually was taken in 1923. Kidding again. The photo really was taken in 2007 and processed just yesterday with Flare, a newish photo editing app. As … Continue reading

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Reverend Lovejoy on the Cardinals’ chances

With it confirmed that Adam Wainwright will undergo Tommy John surgery, we here at Bundle of Stuff asked local pastor the Rev. Timothy Lovejoy what he thought about the St. Louis Cardinals’ chances in 2011:

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Riding the rails

I’ve never been a goal-oriented person; I tend to just stumble through life and taking what comes.Ā But I think I’ve cooked up a goal to which I could orient myself: an all-day bike ride. But where? There are a few … Continue reading

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